Deula Nienburg / Germany TPM

Deula Nienburg / Germany TPM


“Sustainable Agriculture and Life & Living Soil”, which is being carried out under the coordination of Konya Provincial Directorate of Agriculture and Forestry within the scope of Erasmus+ Vocational Education Strategic Partnership projects supported by the Turkish National Agency, is called “Living Soils”. Transnational Project Meeting of our project was held in Germany between 05-09 September 2022, hosted by our project partner Deula Nienburg.

A total of 18 people participated to the meeting, including 9 people from Turkey, 2 people from Italy, 2 people from Belgium, 3 people from Germany and 2 people from Spain.

During the meeting, some of the studies and good practices related to sustainable agriculture by our project partners; Presentations were made on the topics of ‘Wind Breaker in Preventing Soil Erosion (Live Wind Screening), ‘Precision Agriculture’, ‘Autonomous Field Robots’, ‘Vegetable Area Margins (Vegetable Sets) Application’, ‘Smart Farm with Remote Sensing, Agriculture 4.0.

For the aim of on-site the good practices in agricultural production in Germany (No-Till-Direct Sowing, Strip-Till-Zebra Crop, Soil Cover Crop Application, Vegetation Margins, etc.), technical inspection visits were also organized in agricultural lands in the Nienburg Region (Germany). 

Additionally, we participated in the Potato Europe (Germany 2022) – European Potato Fair, which is the International Open Field Agriculture fair held in different countries every year, organized by DLG Fair Center in Germany, Belgium, France and the Netherlands for the European potato industry.

The studies focused on studies sustainable agriculture in potato cultivation were examined at the fair, in which 253 companies from 14 countries participated.

As a matter of fact, that our host partner and partner institutions have successful national and international studies in the field related to our project has contributed greatly to our project and will continue to do so in the future.

Through our project, it is aimed to create a cooperation network between countries that have successful studies on sustainable agriculture, to ensure the exchange and dissemination of good practices by sharing new ideas and methods, to develop the institutional capacities of all partners by operating at a transnational level, to contribute to the professional development of technical personnel and farmers in the sector.




Living Soils


Living Soils

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This project was carried out within the scope of the Erasmus+ program carried out by the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Directorate for EU Affairs – Turkish National Agency ( and with a grant from the European Commission. However, the National Agency or the European Commission cannot be held responsible for the views expressed here..

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